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Clothing care

How to Care for our Clothing

Here are a few ways to ensure your ku-kio garments last as long as possible.

Tip 1: Wash only when necessary.

Did you know that most people wash their clothes far too often? Washing your clothes, no matter how delicate the cycle, naturally breaks down the fibers a little bit every time, so we suggest only washing your ku-kio pieces (and all other clothes, for that matter) only when they’re actually dirty. Wearing them several times between washes will work wonders for prolonging the quality and lifetime of your garments.

Tip 2: Wash with cold water and use a natural detergent.

Washing your garments with cold water prolongs the color of the dyes and helps keep the fabric from deteriorating. It helps avoid shrinkage as well.

Tip 3: Tumble dry with low heat or, better yet, air dry.

Along with washing in the cold, the most eco-friendly and garment-friendly thing you can do for your pieces is to hang them to dry. This prolongs the quality of the fabric and uses far less energy than using a dryer.

Tip 4: Avoid ironing, but use low heat when you do.

It’s usually best to avoid heat in your garments. If you do like to iron your garment, stick to a lower heat and you’ll be good to go - wrinkle-free.

Tip 5: Hang up or fold along the seams.

when you’re done wearing your garment and are in between washes, it’s best to store them hanging upright, instead of folded in a wardrobe. If you do need to fold them to save space or because you don’t have anywhere to hang them up, fold your shirts along the seams to best care for the stitching and avoid wrinkles. We hope this helps you keep your clothes in shape for a long time ! 

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